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This section of nethealthbook is a collection of medical news items. It brings you very timely research that will help you understand medical problems better. Links to appropriate pages integrate the articles into the text of One example: a news article finds that higher fiber content in the diet of males reduces prostate cancer risk. This is now part of the prostate cancer chapter under prostate cancer prevention. On the other hand an Australian study found that diabetes is a risk factor for the development of pancreatic cancer. Close blood sugar control in diabetics reduces this risk. That fact is also mentioned on the page of nethealthbook titled causes of cancer of the pancreas.

Mediterranean diet

Another study about Midwestern firefighters came to the conclusion that a Mediterranean diet benefits US workers. The diet consisted of lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, olive oil and whole grain. These firefighters had a 35% lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome, which translated into much less heart attacks over the years than a control group on a regular diet. The average consumer often overlooks this type of data from the medical literature, but it is very relevant to the average consumer.

Many short medical news items

Among the medical news items is a collection of short reviews of original research findings on many topics. Recently I reviewed a new malaria vaccine. Another item was an article about the benefit of having a nap. A completely different topic was the fact that circumcision may have long-term emotional consequences on adult socio-affective processing. Another story is how the Covid19 vaccine works. Finally, I wrote an article about how millions of Americans are exposed to toxins in drinking water.

Over the years information from these practical medical news items accumulate and become part of the database of

Last modified: July 14, 2024

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Health For Adolescents

Health For Adolescents

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Health For Children

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