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Alzheimer’s And The Aluminum Story

Alzheimer’s and the aluminum story are reviewed here; as a matter of fact, aluminum is often contained in tap water and has been long suspected to have a toxic effects on the brain (for a review see Ref. 6).

How aluminum toxicity can develop

In like manner, this toxicity may be potentiated when coupled with fruit juices. They contain tartaric acid in them, which in the same fashion facilitates getting more aluminum into the brain. According to Ref. 6 aluminum increases the insoluble beta-amyloid in the brain as well as a “tau-protein”, which is also part of the senile plaques. In addition, aluminum also increases iron induced oxidative injury to brain cells. Aluminum should not be in food or in drinking water. Cook with stainless steel pots, not in aluminum pots! This is an example of how the “grass roots” medical opinion of the general population has been confirmed later by medical evidence. For years we were told by scientists that there would not be any evidence for this. These scientists were wrong, there is evidence now!

Aluminum containing antiperspirants

In addition to cooking utensils there are other ways how aluminum can enter the body: through aluminum containing antiperspirants. Unfortunately when you go shopping for something to neutralize the smell from sweat under you arms, most of the products are antiperspirants. They will contain aluminum. But if you see a product that is labeled “deodorant, pure and natural action, lets your skin breathe”; or “Roll-on deodorant, eliminates body odor, safe for sensitive skin” you know that you have found a product that is safe without aluminum.


Books like “Breakthrough” (Ref.16) by Suzanne Somers have reviewed newer insights of antiaging medicine. This points out the importance of detoxifying the body from heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium. Particularly mercury from amalgam tooth fillings are thought to have a close relationship to the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Let’s get the facts straight

1. Aluminum does cause Alzheimer’s (according to Ref.6): it does so by way of the glia cells, which produce amyloid in the brain.

2. Cook with stainless steel pots, not in aluminum pots! This is an example where the grass roots movement from the general population has been confirmed by medical evidence. However, do not overlook other toxic heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead.

3. Do NOT use aluminum containing antiperspirants. Instead use deodorants with 0% aluminum content.

Alzheimer's And The Aluminum Story

Alzheimer’s And The Aluminum Story


If you want to be safe, do what I have been doing for years: buy aluminum-free deodorant sticks instead. If you fear that you may have accumulated aluminum and other heavy metals (like mercury or cadmium), you can chelate them out. Any chelation physician can give you a series of chelation treatments with EDTA and your kidneys will excrete all of these heavy metals out of your system via your urine.


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Last modified: June 4, 2019