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Street Drugs

Angel Dust (PCP), LSD, addiction to cocaine, ecstasy and others are all just different variations of street drugs where different chemicals are being used by people addicted to drugs to get a “high”. The consequences of the effects of these chemicals are being ignored. Crystal Meth is a concentrated amphetamine that targets the dopamine receptors in the brain. It gives the user a more profound “rush” and activates the person into movements and actions. Unfortunately the time interval between the start of Crystal Meth and irreversible damage to the brain is likely the shortest among all of these drugs. A person who recently got into Crystal Meth and wishes to stop should get in contact with or other support group before it is too late.


In summary, any prescription drug has an effect and a side effect. In medical school the physician is trained to balance the beneficial effect on the body with the harm that may be done. Lifestyle habits including street drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking etc. are often thought of by the public to be “safe”. The truth is that these chemicals are likely even worse than some of the most toxic chemotherapeutic cancer drugs that are used in medicine.

 Street Drugs

Street Drugs



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Last modified: October 3, 2014

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