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Symptoms of Cancer Of The Pancreas

Notably, symptoms of cancer of the pancreas unfortunately occur only late into the disease. In general, here are some of the symptoms that commonly lead to the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer (modified from Ref. 1, p.852).

Signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer

mid abdominal pain weight loss
muscle wasting jaundice
vomiting due to gastric invasion bowel obstruction due to tumor invasion
severe pain (invasion of splanchnic nerve) marked appetite loss
liver metastases dark urine, pale stools
depression in 2/3 of cases inflammation of leg veins (thrombophlebitis)


It must be remembered, the most common presentation is a patient with a gradual onset of weight loss in the light of a lack of appetite and nausea. Likewise, there is some intermittent central abdominal pain. Also, when jaundice develops there are in addition pale stools and dark urine that the patient observes in the bathroom.

 Symptoms of Cancer Of The Pancreas

Symptoms of Cancer Of The Pancreas

Regardless, at this stage the tumor mass has invaded the major biliary tracts. This, of course, causes biliary obstruction, a very poor prognostic sign. The patient might also get suicidal thoughts and complain of a lack of sex drive. These are symptoms of depression, which is often associated with pancreatic cancer.


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Last modified: August 16, 2019

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