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Tuberculous Peritonitis

When an abdominal lymph gland ruptures, which is infested with TB, the TB bacteria will spread all through the abdominal cavity and cause tuberculous peritonitis, a life threatening condition.

A ruptured cyst from a tuberculous salpingo-oophoritis (infection of ovary and fallopian tube) can also cause tuberculous peritonitis.

Symptoms involve abdominal pain, which is usually not as severe as with other forms of bacterial peritonitis. The surgeon will do a paracentesis first and later a peritoneal biopsy during a laparoscopy.

A positive tuberculin skin test in combination with granulomas found on biopsy would make the diagnosis. On the other hand a polymerase chain reaction, which is commercially available and is very specific to TB would be more rapid.


Treatment of tuberculosis with a combination antituberculous drug regimen will very quickly stabilize and cure the patient.

 Tuberculous Peritonitis (Laparoscopy For Obtaining Samples)

Tuberculous Peritonitis (Laparoscopy For Obtaining Samples)



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