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Kidney Cancer Symptoms

Mostly in early kidney cancer there are no kidney cancer symptoms, it is a silent disease with resect to symptoms. However, it might be accidentally picked up by an ultrasonic investigation for another illness and the cystic structure of a kidney tumor might be detected this way.Most of the time, however the first sign might be blood in the urine or pain in the flank of one side of the body. Other patients might present with tiredness from anemia. There might be a surprise tumor calcification that shows up in the process of investigation of what was thought to be a lower back pain.

There might be a fever of unknown origin. Later this may be explained as a fever as a result of the reaction of the body to tumor proteins that are released into the blood stream.


Blood in the urine or flank pain on one side of the body

are warning signs to check for kidney cancer!


This is also the reason for weight loss, as the appetite is suppressed by these substances. Symptoms of metastases depend on where the cancer has gone into. With bone metastases there are bone pains and a bone scan shows abnormal uptake in these painful areas where the pain is. In the case of liver metastases there is often jaundice and right upper abdominal pain followed by fluid collection (called”ascites”) in the abdomen (Ref. 1).



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Last modified: August 29, 2014

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